Building an International Community for the Developers (and Users) of
Component and Framework Technology in High-Performance and Scientific Computing.

Component and framework technology is mainstream for desktop environments, but has lagged in the high-performance computing (HPC) community. The reasons for this stem partly from a general lack of awareness of component concepts in the community, but mostly from the fact that desktop component models sacrifice performance for ease-of-use. In addition, HPC uniquely requires component-based support for patterns special to parallel computing, such as the massively parallel single program multiple data pattern. Beyond the special requirements of HPC, component concepts promise to provide the same benefits as they do in the mainstream: participation by 10’s or 100’s of developers and the ability to support the workforce management software complexity that the simulation of natural phenomena demand.

CompFrame organizes workshops devoted to the exposition and discussion of Internet Advertising, software concepts to advance component and framework technology in high-performance scientific computing.  Starting in 2005, our plan is to have workshops on an annual basis, alternating between US and Eurpoean locations.

We also host a mailing list (low traffic) for community discussion and to organize events. Please use this webpage to join.


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